Your Guide to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

by Seyfarth Shaw


What is Future Enterprise?


As work, business, and the economy continue to be transformed by emerging technologies and cultural shifts, Seyfarth has created a platform for business leaders and in-house counsel to better understand how they are adapting to this rapidly changing business landscape and how to prepare for what may lie ahead. From talent readiness to cybersecurity, Seyfarth’s Future Enterprise initiative offers top-of-mind issues for industry leaders across the globe to help their businesses take advantage of the disruptive opportunities offered by the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.”


2018 Future Enterprise Survey Results

In 2018 we once again took the pulse of business leaders to see how they are adapting to this rapidly changing landscape. Click to see the results.


From talent readiness to cybersecurity, our survey report reflects today’s top-of-mind issues for industry leaders across the country

Business leaders who participated in our annual survey are more hopeful than last year, with 84 percent expressing optimism compared to 70 percent in 2017. Some are taking the opportunity to transform their work methods or launch innovative programs, while others have simply accepted that while change can be difficult, it is an inevitable and crucial part of staying competitive.


Learn more about the initiatives that make up Future Enterprise


Blockchain Specialty Team

One of our first Future Enterprise initiatives is our Blockchain Specialty Team. This team aims to service Seyfarth’s current and prospective clients as we define and implement how this disruptive technology will be used in the practice of law itself.


Future Employer

Future Employer is a collaborative initiative that will offer exclusive guidance and events for clients across the country focused on the transformative workplace issues faced by employers.